Esp. Carmela Lancellotta

Carmela Lancellotta received her title in Scientifc Computing from the School of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. She has a Specialization in Software Engineering. She is the Director of the Licentiate in Systems degree and the Academic Chair of the Robotics Laboratory of the CAECE University. She is professor in Algorithms and Programming since 1979 in several Universities. She was the chair of the First Workshop of Informatics of the Foundation for Talent Evolution and Creativity (Primer Taller de Informática de la Fundación para la Evolución del Talento y la Creatividad (FTEC)) in the 90's, and her students participate at the First International Congress of the FETC in South America which was sponsored by the WORLD COUNCIL and the Ibero-American Federation (FEDERACIÓN IBEROAMERICANA).