Prof. Dr. Joseph Harari

Dr. Joseph Harari is Physicist (B.Sc.) by the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo (1973), Master in Physical Oceanography by the Oceanographic Institute of USP (1977), Ph.D. in Meteorology by the Astronomical and Geophysical Institute of USP (1984) and Associate Professor in Physical Oceanography at the Oceanographic Institute of USP (1991). He acts as teacher of the Oceanographic Institute of USP since 1981, supplying disciplines on Foundations of Physical Oceanography, Hydrodynamic Numeric Modeling and Altimetry of Satellite. He is adviser teacher of masters’ degree, specialist in the areas of hydrodynamic numeric modeling, coastal processes, tides and satellite altimetry. He published several scientific works, with emphasis in studies of coastal areas of Brazil and of São Paulo State. He is partner - founder of the Brazilian Nucleus of Environmental Researches and Health and it exercises the presidency of the Nucleus of Santos now (NPABS). He was Vice Chair of CBPA'2001 and CBPA'2002 (Brazilian Congress of Environmental Researches), of CBPAS'2003, CBPAS'2004, CBPAS’2005 (Brazilian Congress of Environmental Researches and Health), EHWC’2006 (Environmental and Health World Congress), SHEWC’2007 (Safety. Health and Environmental World Congress), SHEWC’2008, SHEWC’2009 and SHEWC’2010.