Mg. Maria Claudia Abeledo

Maria Claudia Abeledo main research interests are in Computer Science oriented to Data Networks and applications in New Technologies Applied to Education and Health. Currently, she is the chair of the Center for Research and Development in Computer Science (CIDI) of the UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martín) and the project San Martín Digital (Digital San Martin). In addition, she is a professor at this university and at the CAECE University. She was in charge of interdisciplinary teams that incorporate computer technology in national hospitals for the follow-up of patients. Moreover, she joined technical committees in several international conferences and she authored many publications and presentations in Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Panama. She received a master's degree in Data Networks from the National University of La Plata and received her Licentiate degree in Computer Science from the CAECE University. She is a doctoral student in Applied Sciences and Engineering and her thesis defense will be held on October 2017.