The IV World Congress on Communication and Arts – WCCA'2011, happened in São Paulo in Brazil, on April 17 to 20, 2011.

The theme of the congress was: "Interactive Expansion of Knowledge: Communicating with Art in the Information Era".

The official languages were English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The host Institution was Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Prof. Dr. Claudio da Rocha Brito
General Chair
General Chair
Technical Program Chair

General Chair:
Claudio da Rocha Brito

Technical Program Chair:
Melany M. Ciampi

Local Chair:
Marcos Rizolli

Local Committee:

Ana Lúcia Trevisan Pelegrino, Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Angela Schaun, Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Esmeralda Rizzo, Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Advisory Committee:

Anette Kolmos, President of SEFI
Denis Willemin, President of RCI
Khalil S. Taraman, President of SME Education Foundation
Krishna Vedula, President of IFEES
Luis Amaral, President of CCG
Michael E. Auer, President of IGIP
Muthar Al-Ubaidi, President of INTERTECH
Renata S. Engel, President of ASEE
Rob Reilly, President of IEEE Education Society


Technical Program Committee:

Melany M. Ciampi,
Chair of Committee
Alexandre Huady Torres Guimarães, Brazil
André Reda, Brazil
Anita Westerström, Sweden
Claudio R. Brito, Brazil
Dan Budny, USA
Edmundo Tovar, Spain
Göran Westerström, Sweden
Irina Avenarious, Russia
João Vicente Cegato Bertomeu, Brazil
Luis Amaral, Portugal
Marcos Nepomuceno Duarte, Brazil
Maria Aparecida de Aquino, Brazil
María Feldgen, Argentina
Osvaldo Clua, Argentina
Osvaldo Takaoki Hatori, Brazil
Regina Helena Pires de Brito, Brazil
Rita Maria Lino Tarcia, Brazil
Rosa Vasconcelos, Portugal
Teresa Almeida, Portugal
Teresa Larkin, USA
Traugott H. Schelker, Switzerland
Vera Lúcia Harabagi Hanna, Brazil
Vladimir G. Zakharov, Russia
Wilton Luiz de Azevedo, Brazil
Yolanda Guran-Postlethwaite, USA

Curatorial Committee:

Alexandre Huady Torres Guimarães, Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Diana Fernandes, Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Marcos Rizolli, Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Regina Lara Silveira Mello, Mackenzie Presbyterian University


The topics of congress were:

  • Advertising and its Languages
  • Art and Science
  • Art, Communication and Everyday Life
  • Image and Technologies
  • Integrated Communication
  • Journalism and Contemporary Issues
  • Literature, Letters and Art
  • Processes of Contemporary Art
  • Theories and Criticism of the Arts
  Mackenzie Presbyterian University
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